Evan & Dana Gaydon
There's no place like Home

121 - May / Jun 24

Living in a historic Craftsman bungalow on North...
Colin & Soleil Bogan
Something Special

120 - Mar / Apr 24

From their front porch on North Harwood, Colin...
Shining Glory
with Glory Johnson

117 - Sep / Oct 23

Wayne’s 1970 Mercedes Benz 280SL sits on the...
Welcoming you to The Richland Hotel
Orange County'a Newest Luxury Boutique Hotel

114 - Mar / Apr 23

The Richland is comprised of a three-story home...
A Midcentury-Modern Aesthetic
of Michael Cecconi and Maryam Zahedi

113 - Jan / Feb 23

Washed by landscape lighting at dusk, the large...
The Girl Next Door
with Rob & Gloria Boice

108 - Mar / Apr 22

From their beautiful Craftsman bungalow on North Pine Street...
Meant to be, in Old Towne Orange
with Stephane and Isabella

104 - Jul / Aug 21

When updating the property, the couple had fun...
Orange Home Grown
with Travis & Megan Penn

103 - May / Jun 21

The Penns removed their front lawn in early...
The Minimalist Modernist Way
with Wil Dee and Family

102 - Mar / Apr 21

Located in the Fairhills tract, the home features...
Renowned in Orange
with Jenny McCandless

100 - Nov / Dec 20

Homeowner Jenny McCandless fashioned her 1970s-era house after...