Business partners Kiarash Kasra and Shelly Kohan sit in the dining room of Koobikland, the Persian restaurant they co-own.  The duo works to build a menu with special attention to both the flavors and display of their food. “Our presentation is different, and we try to decorate our food and make it art,” says Kohan.

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The restaurant Koobikland debuted last March, aiming to cater to the existing Persian community and broaden neighbors’ palates with Persian flavors.

Owners Kiarash Kasra and Shelly Kohan launched the restaurant together after recognizing the demand for Persian food in the area.  They chose a location close to Darya Restaurant Orange, a staple in the community for three decades, to tap into the established Persian food scene.

“We knew there were many Persian customers and people who enjoy trying Persian food in Orange, so we wanted to be in the area,” says Kohan.  “We also wanted to be close to our competition to motivate us to do our best and introduce people to our cuisine.”

The menu features an array of Persian dishes with a heavy focus on kebabs, including Koobideh, a type of kebab with ground chicken or beef.  Diners can also choose from various salads and side dishes, like Kashke o’Bademjan, a fried eggplant dip, and Mast o’ Mousir, a yogurt and shallot dip.

“We believe when your menu is small and you specialize in certain items, your quality will be the best,” says Kasra.  “Koobikland also offers catering options, and we can be more flexible and create whatever our customers are looking for.”

The Koobikland team takes pride in the ambiance they have cultivated, aiming to be a gathering place for family celebrations, business meetings, or casual coffee chats.  On the weekend, the restaurant has live music and brings in musicians to entertain guests while playing the piano and guitar.  The beverage selection has also been broadened to include wine and beer.

“We have a very classic and enjoyable environment so that when you walk in, it doesn’t feel like a business,” says Kohan.  “Everything from the design and tables feels comfortable. Our customers say they feel at home.”

Looking ahead, Kasra and Kohan want to continue expanding their foundation and bringing Persian cuisine to neighbors.  They plan to introduce a Sunday brunch menu in the next few months and are exploring options for a sister location in South Orange County.

Their passion for connecting with the Orange community fuels their ongoing efforts and excitement for their future plans.

“We love meeting new customers and hearing about how people found us, and we try to be better every day,” says Kasra. “Working in a restaurant is like learning a language. Every day, you learn something new.”

1840 North Tustin St., Orange, CA 92865  /  714-602-6100

Article Published in the
Mar / Apr 24 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review
Written by Yuki Klotz-Burwell Photo by Kristin Smetona
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