Lucky DeLuxe Fabrics
Lucky DeLuxe Fabrics

Lucky DeLuxe Fabrics Owners Catherine Esera (left) and Bronwen Burton highlight the variety of fabrics and materials available at their shop.  The pair’s passion for their items and the thrifting process shines through.  “Every donation is a treasure chest.  You never know what’s going to be in there,” says Esera.

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Lucky DeLuxe Fabrics

Every fabric has a story, and at Lucky DeLuxe Fabrics, these stories are given a second life.  The sewing supply thrift store was launched in March by owners Catherine Esera and Bronwen Burton, who previously worked in theater costuming.

The duo were inspired by the TikTok account of Massachusetts- based fabric thrift store Swansons Fabrics, which brought attention to the need to reuse and rehome all types of fabric.

“They said there needs to be one of these stores in every county, and that opened something inside of us and gave us permission to start this,” says Esera.  “We started by selling fabrics on Facebook Marketplace and then created a website, but our endgame was always to have a store because it’s a tactical sport and people can get a sense of the texture and feeling.”

At Lucky DeLuxe, customers can shop for all types of sewing and creative supplies, including yarn, fabric, buttons and even patterns and books.  The in-person storefront is now open two years after Burton and Esera originally created their website, and they took their time to find the perfect space.

“The location was previously Fabric Land for decades, so this turned out to be a nice fit,” says Esera.  “We’re so proud of it and everyone in Orange has been sweet and welcoming.”

For the pair, both sides of the business, from decluttering to providing new resources, are rewarding.

“We help people destash and give their materials a new home, and a lot of the time the stash is something that has been burdening them,” says Burton.  “Then there are new sewers who come in and are so excited because they can now actually afford some really fabulous materials.”

Burton remembers one client who spotted a material she needed on the website, and it confirmed for her why they do what they do.

“We had one customer searching for 20 years for a quilt panel she needed after her grandmother’s quilt was burned in a fire,” she says.  “She was slowly rebuilding the quilt, and she found the center panel fabric on our website.  It just makes us cry and appreciate this community.”

Burton and Esera have also recently expanded to offer creative classes for the community, including knitting and crocheting lessons like a build-your-own bras and briefs course.

“We’d like to do more of that,” says Esera. “We just want to keep the fiber arts alive.”

Lucky DeLuxe Fabrics
932 East Lincoln Ave., Orange, CA 92865  /  714-941-9176 

Article Published in the
Jan / Feb 24 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review
Written by Yuki Klotz-Burwell Photo by Kristin Smetona
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