Verve Chiropractic
Verve Chiropractic

Verve Family Wellness Collective members (from left) Johnna Naraki, RN, IBCLC; Stephanie Lynn; Danielle Cipollo, DC; Danielle Roach, DC; Brittany Cheng, MIS, OTR/L; Heather Swett and Jamie Keller, CCC-SLP showcase the new office that houses all of their family care businesses, started by Roach. Roach’s practice, Verve Chiropractic, offers prenatal and pediatric care and connects patients to a network of similar services, such as speech pathology and lactation consulting.

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Verve Chiropractic

Navigating early parenthood can be challenging, but the experts at Verve Chiropractic are committed to easing that journey.  Danielle Roach, DC, Owner and Founder of Verve Chiropractic, offers holistic prenatal, pediatric and family chiropractic care at her new office on East Chapman Ave.

While establishing her practice, Roach reflected on her experiences as an expectant mother in Orange County.  When she was pregnant, she often had to travel to appointments across South County. She realize how far the travel time was to get the support she needed.

“I wanted to create a collaborative space for the population I was serving, especially because it was something I couldn’t find in this area for myself,” she says.

Driven by those experiences, Roach launched the Verve Family Wellness Collective, which hosts her chiropractic services and other family care-oriented businesses.

“When I opened the collective, it was my mission to bring in other providers who could bridge the gap that was missing in this area,” says Roach.  “Now, the folks I serve in my practice don’t have to drive all the way to Laguna Hills or Newport for their referrals.”

Aside from Roach’s practice, the collective currently includes a lactation consultant, occupational therapist and speech pathologist.  All focus on helping patients aged zero to two.

Roach mainly helps that same population, assisting babies with breastfeeding challenges and other concerns, and also works with women from the preconception through the postpartum phases.

“The ability to show up and work with families on such an intimate level and make a noticeable difference in their lives is incredible,” she says.  “It’s rewarding to see the journey my clients take and how I can help them.”

Since settling into the new location in April, Roach and the rest of the collective hope to be a resource for parents in Orange. “We want to be a hub for moms and babies and be known as a place of support for these families,” she says.  “Our biggest goal is to make this a welcoming, open space for parents to come to when they need help.”

Part of those resources includes offering Mommy & Me classes, hosted by the collective’s pediatric occupational therapist, Wayz to Play Founder Brittany Cheng.

“Parenthood is a wild journey in and of itself, and there’s a lot of pressure on parents, so our services give them that reassurance they’re doing everything they can to help their child grow,” says Cheng.  “We want to support parents as much as we can and help them realize they’re not alone.”

Verve Chiropractic
1015 East Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92866  /  657-650-8983

Article Published in the
Jul / Aug 23 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review
Written by Yuki Klotz-Burwell Photo by Kristin Smetona
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