Cristana Rocamora-Suder
Cristana Rocamora-Suder
Interior designer Cristana Rocamora-Suder, ASID, (left), with associates Jen Lozano and Jean McGrath. Specializing in product design and concept work, the firm addresses the design needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Old Towne is the perfect fit for Cristana Rocamora-Suder, ASID, an interior designer specializing in product design and concept work.

Located a few steps away from Starbucks in Alley Plaza, Cristana’s “Studio C” reveals an artful and distinguished interior that highlights the scope of her work. Design books line the shelves, while fine furnishings and art pieces add warmth and sophistication to the industrial-style room.

Working with high-end residential clients, Cristana also specializes in commercial design for the hospitality, restaurant and corporate sectors. She counts KHS&S (an international specialty building company) as one of her biggest clients.

“We did their entire corporate offices, which was quite an honor,” she said. “Currently, we are working on specs for a hotel in the Midwest, and we just recently completed a home spa and wine cellar.”

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cristana says she’s a city girl. Arriving in the United States when she was eight years old, she spent most of her summers in Europe, soaking up the culture and lifestyle that influences her work today.

Attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in San Francisco, she earned her degree in interior design. While working on a design project, she met her husband, David Suder, who is from Orange County.

Because Argentina is never far from her heart, Cristana returns to Buenos Aires every year to visit her family, whom she says never fails to inspire her.

With an emphasis on Argentinian and Spanish themes, Cristana is currently working on the renovation of her own home, a 90-year-old Spanish colonial home located in Tustin Hills.

“We’re only the fifth family that has lived in this house, so there are a lot of original elements to it,” she said. “We’ve designed all the rooms to be true to the era.”

Cristana credits her staff of three with helping her to achieve her goals at Studio C. With the help of Project Manager Jean McGrath and Design Assistant Jen Lozano, Cristana handles everything from acquiring custom pieces for clients to doing her own product design, whether lighting fixtures, accessories or furnishings.

“The staff just loves coming to work,” she said. “It’s such a beautiful space. We are surrounded by storyboards, renderings and illustrations, all in one office.”

The location also affords her proximity to all the offerings of the Plaza, including merchants like Georges II, where she sources some of her high-end furnishings for clients. She also works closely with Summerhill and Affair de Coeur.

Involved with several children’s charities, Cristana takes pride in her philanthropic work. She loves being in the Plaza, especially because she has four children who attend St. John’s.

“The school is fantastic,” she said, “plus I can walk from the office to pick them up!”

For Cristana, Old Towne offers the best of all worlds.

“I love being here in Old Towne Orange. I’m a city girl, and Old Towne is a little city with a big city atmosphere.”


Article Published in the
Dec 10 / Jan 11 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review
Written by Karen Anderson photos provided by Will Hare
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