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Interested in expanding your mind by attending lectures at Chapman University without becoming a student? Check out the school’s Town & Gown Annual Lunch at the Forum series. Open to the public, these enlightening events feature faculty speaking on topics of current interest while you dine on tasty food.

Here is what you can learn during the fall 2013 Lunch at the Forum events:

October 3rd:
Raiders of the Lost Art: Looted Archaeological Treasures

Assistant professor of Art History Justin St. P. Walsh, Ph.D. will discuss the disturbing fact that many private and public art collections, including institutions such as the Getty and Metropolitan Museum of Art, contain works that were illegally excavated, smuggled out of their nations of origin and sold on the “black art market.” This looting destroys archaeological sites, circumventing the opportunity to learn more about ancient cultures. Walsh will discuss the new initiative based at Chapman in collaboration with the Los Angeles Times that plans to build an online database of art that was likely a victim of the black market.

November 7th:
Earth’s Spheres and the Changing Climate: Are We in Denial?

Associate Professor and Director of Hazards, Global and Environmental Change and Computational Science Programs Hesham M. El-Askary, Ph.D. will enlighten attendees about how the unusual changes in our weather have to do with more than global warming. According to El-Askary, who is an internationally recognized expert, we are living within a dynamic interactive fragile system composed of a series of spheres: the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the cryosphere and the biosphere. He will discuss how these systems interact, and how this interaction affects us all.

Lunch at the Forum 2014 lectures will feature:

February 6th:
Adjunct professor of vocal performance Jeralyn Refeld will present Can’t Help Singing: A Tribute to Broadway Greats.

March 6th:
Movie producer and adjunct professor in Chapman’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Travis Knox will talk about The Real Business of the [Entertainment] Business and discuss how the college just finished its first for-profit feature film “Trigger.”

May 1st:
Associate professor of history William L. Cumiford, Ph.D. will reveal in his lecture EDUTAINMENT (Education or Entertainment) how our ideas of “knowledge” and “learning” are being affected by the Information Age as higher education embraces high-tech culture.

The series of five luncheons is available on a subscription basis and includes a parking permit and a complimentary ticket to Chapman’s annual Sholund Scholarship Concert in May 2014. Lunch at the Forum events begin at 11:30 a.m. in the Argyros Forum, Room 209. Series tickets are $125 and individual presentations cost $30, parking pass not included. For tickets, contact Joanne Jurczyk at 714-997-6563 or visit the Chapman University website at; select Lunch at the Forum.

Town & Gown is a 45-year-old non-profit support group for Chapman University open to residents of Orange that seeks to integrate the campus into the surrounding community and to underwrite student scholarships and on-campus academic and aesthetic projects.

Published in the Sep/Oct 2013 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review

Written by Julie Bawden-Davis, Images provided by Town & Gown

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