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Antique Affair 2012

In recent years, though some Old Towne Orange Plaza antique shops gave way to new establishments such as restaurants, the area is still an antique lover’s mecca. And no other event illustrates this more vividly than the 36th annual Antique Affair going on President’s Day weekend February 18th, 19th and 20th. Hosted by Plaza merchants, the independent event features storewide sales of some of the finest antique offerings of the year.

“The Antique Affair allows Orange to annually reestablish itself as the antique capitol of Southern California,” says Lisa Ackerman, owner of A&P Collectables, whose store has participated for 34 years.

“Most antique merchants really look forward to the Antique Affair every year,” says Denise Jochec, owner of Summerhill Antiques & Design, whose store has been involved for 18 years. “The event originally started as an antique information day, morphing into a sales event that now includes education on antiques,” says Jochec, who will be on-hand to answer questions regarding antiques and will have interior designers in her store giving decorating tips. “Many of the antique dealers also display their personal collections during this popular event.”

Antique lovers delight in discovering that perfect treasure, and they know they’ll find it at the Antique Affair, says Sue Jackson, owner of Country Roads Antiques and Gardens, whose store has participated for 20 years. “In addition to exploring the antique stores and finding great deals, visitors also get a little history lesson,” she says. “Shoppers discover that antiques aren’t necessarily old, dusty things, but are usable and offer you a great way to recycle and preserve history. Antiques can be used in any home and are often more affordable than new pieces of furniture, in addition to being better built.”

The Antique Affair definitely shows those who attend just how valuable and timeless antiques are, agrees Ackerman. “Antique stores are the original recyclers. We are an adoption agency that cares for treasures in between owners. By supporting these brick and mortar stores, you provide a valuable way for antique caregivers to remain viable so future generations can enjoy possessions from the past and learn from them.”

Cheryl Turner owns Paris in a Cup tea shop and enjoys the recollections of customers who stop in for a bite to eat during the Antique Affair. “People will chat about a childhood memory spurred by an item they saw in an antique store,” says Turner. “Folks really have a good time at the event.”

Published in the Jan/Feb 2012 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review

Written by Karen Anderson, Photograph by Bud Lammers

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