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Metropolitain Crêpes
Metropolitain Crêpes serves up an array of homemade delights, including crêpes and gelato. Pictured: Crêpe chef Carmen shows off a dessert crêpe made with strawberries, bananas, crème anglaise, almonds and dark chocolate, while server Daniel displays heaping scoops of homemade gelato served on a waffle cone.

Gourmet crêpes at delicious prices are taking Old Towne by storm at Metropolitain Crêpes, located at 152 North Glassell in the former Courtyard Deli space.

Café Lucca owner Richard Coleman and his wife Mary, opened the crêperie this May, adding another great café to add to their culinary roster here in Old Towne.

The idea for Metropolitain Crêpes came about when Richard recognized there might be a niche for the French specialty dish in Old Towne. “My wife and I noticed a space available in December, and by Christmas we were already negotiating a lease.”

The small, 500-square-foot shop has been completely transformed, featuring butcher-block countertops and bold graphics depicting Parisian street scenes. Developing the menu himself, Richard conducted a series of tastings with friends before settling on the final recipes.

Crêpes, both savory and dessert, take center stage at Metropolitain Crêpes, and are created with homemade batter made from scratch, including a special chocolate batter. Savory ingredients feature everything from artichokes and Portobello mushrooms to roasted red peppers and chicken with raspberry-walnut vinaigrette.

More than a dozen sweet crêpes include a sliced-apple crêpe sautéed with cream cheese and caramel, as well as a strawberry crêpe served with creamy Nutella. The sweet crêpes are priced at a reasonable $5.95, while the savory crêpes are $6.95.

Additionally, 24 flavors of homemade gelato showcase all the traditional Italian specialties like chocolate hazelnut and tiramisu. There’s also a vegan sorbetto that’s non-dairy.

Open seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, Metropolitain Crêpes serves six different types of breakfast crêpes made with two eggs and a variety of ingredients. The cappuccino bar features a full line of espresso drinks plus excellent drip coffee, while fresh fruit and vegetable drinks are juiced to order.

For the Colemans, their crêperie in Old Towne was an idea whose time had come.

“People are raving about the menu,” Richard said. “Our customers are savoring every last bite, and that’s the surest sign of success.”

Metropolitain Crêpes
152 North Glassell Street, Orange, CA 92866

Published in the Jul/Aug 2012 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review

Written by Karen Anderson, Photograph by Jeanine Hill

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