Fork & Salad

Fork & Salad
At Fork & Salad, Lauren Mann, director of operations, Chef Travis Morrin and Manager Ted McCan (right) bring a slice of Maui to the new fresh casual restaurant. As the first mainland location, the Old Towne Fork & Salad combines a bit of Hawaiian spirit with local specialties, including fresh bread from a nearby bakery and the potential addition of a taco salad.
Fork & Salad
If a visit to Hawaii isn’t on your agenda this summer, stop by Fork & Salad in the Plaza for a variety of salad and sandwich options inspired by the company’s Maui locations.  Co-owners Cody Christopher, Travis Morrin, Jaron Blosser and John Greenberg are excited to serve Orange residents fresh casual food.
“We have respect for the integrity of food, how it’s prepared, and how our customers perceive it,” says Morrin.
Already, Morrin and Christopher have found the Old Towne community to be receptive and welcoming.  With countless restaurant options in the area, Fork & Salad provides customers with a new fast, healthy choice.
“Everybody here is so nice,” says Christopher.  “Before we opened, we gave a tour to everyone who stopped in to say hi.”
The welcoming community was a part of what drew the team to Orange.  After attending an awards dinner for the Old Towne Preservation Association, Morrin and Christopher were awed by the priority Orange places on historical preservation.
“We came across this building, and we spent a few weeks coming into Old Towne,” says Morrin.  “We really loved the charm of the area and the pride the community takes in its history.”
Although Morrin and Christopher are new to Orange, the duo are no strangers to the restaurant scene.  They have two Fork & Salad locations in Maui, and a bar and grill called Three’s in Maui.  The Old Towne location is their first eatery in the mainland United States.  Christopher says the menu is similar to the Hawaii locations, with new additions reflective of customer preferences.
“We know what sells on Maui, and we’re going to see what sells here and listen to our customers,” says Christopher.
Fork & Salad hosts an array of signature and build-your-own salads and sandwiches.  With more than 50 ingredients to choose from, there’s something for everyone.  If you’re looking for a smaller item, the menu also features a variety of soups, desserts and Kombucha drinks.
Ingredients like quinoa, papaya and avocado populate the menu, and 90 percent of the offerings are sourced from local farms in Southern and Central California.  Fork & Salad also features a special salad that changes with the season.  Part of each salad purchase benefits Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market.
“We’re really excited and grateful to be embraced by the community thus far, and we’re pumped to serve people good, healthy food,” says Morrin.
240 West Chapman Ave, Suite 102, Orange CA 92866  /  657-223-9473

Published in the Jul/Aug 2019 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review

Article written by Yuki Klotz-Burwell, Photograph by Kayli Gennaro

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