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The City of Orange Main Library was yarn bombed last night with bright color knitted items covering multiple objects around the property. Knitting teams got together weeks ago and started the project in secret so they could slip under the veil of darkness and cover objects with knitted goods for a wonderful, colorful awakening this morning.

When Jennifer Anastasi of Elite Social Management was asked, why yarn bombing, her response was, “Why Not?” It’s a great way to bring awareness to the Orange Public Library as well as the entire city of Orange! It’s a fun way to showcase the local talent we have around Old Towne. Cynthia Shaffer is a renowned artist who is part of our local community here, Libby Williamson teaches incredible children’s art classes at The Dragonfly Shops & Gardens and we are lucky enough to have librarians who support all types of artistic endeavors.

I was lucky enough to meet with the librarians and receive a favorable response to the idea, Beth Davidson, the owner of Dragonfly Shops & Gardens introduced me to Cynthia Shaffer of Crescendoh and along with Libby Williamson of Blue Denim Design and a dedicated knitting group from Fabric Land, we had ourselves a group of folks ready to take on the challenge!

After we had arranged to plan the yarn bombing, the knitting community was hit with the tragic death of one of their own, Laurie Crutchfield. When I heard the story, I just knew there was something more that this yarn bombing would become. Laurie Crutchfield was a 25 year veteran of the OC Crime Lab and helped put killers in prison with her acclaimed forensic work.

News Release

Cynthia Shaffer met Laurie Crutchfield when both were volunteers at St. Paul’s Lutheran Elementary school where their children attended. They immediately started talking about crafts, all crafts, and in no time found out that they had lots in common. They stayed in touch for a few months and Cynthia even transported some of Laurie’s art down to Stampington, the publisher Cynthia was working freelance for at the time. Laurie was thrilled to learn that 2 or 3 of her art purses where going to be published in the up–coming issue of Haute Handbags. As their kids moved on and enrolled in different schools, they lost contact. Cynthia noticed that Laurie had purchased her recent book and was thrilled to see her old friend’s name. Imagine Cynthia’s surprise when just a few weeks later, just after we decided to do the yarn bombing event, she received a call from a mutual friend, informing her of Laurie’s sudden death. It was so shocking to everyone in the community, but Lauri had left behind a daughter, Kelci Anne Crutchfield, who invited Cynthia to a private sale of her mother’s crafty items. Cynthia, knowing that she had the yarn bombing event in the near future, scooped up Laurie’s yarn and distributed it among all the knitters’ friends. So probably 75% of all the knitted pieces that were used at the yarn bombing were knitted from yarn that once belonged to Laurie. As we were rummaging through her yarn we came across a small piece that she had started and we are featuring that piece at the Orange Public Library.

Kelci Anne Crutchfield was invited to join us to see what be beautiful works of art have been created out of her mother’s yarn. We hope that this help’s Kelci on her journey towards healing after her mothers’ sudden passing.

For people interested in contributing to the Kelci Anne Crutchfield Memorial College fund:

Please make donations directly to Chase Bank Account # 988297941 in Kelci’s name.

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If you would like more information about this topic or schedule an interview, please contact Jennifer Anastasi at (714) 309-7059 or JAnastasi@EliteSocialManagement.com

OrangeReview.com article posted Nov 7, 2012

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