Etiquette for the Business of Life

Even though we enjoy mild winters here in Orange, we tend to respond to the bell toll of spring much like the rest of the world. Warmer temperatures bring us out of a winter slumber, and we’re ready for action!

Being out and about brings us face-to-face with friends, neighbors and strangers alike. Are we making a positive impression on the people we know and those visiting our town?

Every community has its charms, but one reason I fell in love with Orange is the number of friendly, locally-owned businesses. The shop owners and entrepreneurs I met made me feel welcome. Not just in their places of business, but also in our town.

Now that I, too, am a local business owner, I feel a great sense of pride when a client – or anyone I meet – remarks on my hospitable attitude and willingness to help.

What if each of us showed more pride in our community by simply being friendly and helpful?

We could . . .
• Smile and say hello to everyone we pass on the street.
• Support locally-owned businesses with purchases and recommendations to others.
• Show common courtesy to everyone (open a door for someone, say please and thank    you, make eye contact during conversations, introduce yourself and others...).
• Attend community and university events in our area.
• Offer directions when a tourist or newcomer looks a bit lost.

What are other ways you can make a difference in Old Towne and wider Orange this spring? Feel welcome to join in the conversation on my Facebook page at CandaceSmithETIQUETTE.

Let’s go out and about with courtesy and friendliness. Our fellow citizens (and everyone else) will know that we are a community of neighbors who take great pride in our town of Orange during this, and every, season.

ETIQUETTE For the Business of Life offers hands-on, practical knowledge of etiquette protocols and self-presentation. We create classes for children through adults and customize trainings for businesses, offices and organizations.

Published in the Mar/Apr 2014 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review

Written by Candace Smith, Photograph by Aaron Jacoby

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