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Summertime is social time. Beach parties, barbeques, and lots of play time for all ages.

With so much socializing going on, you’re bound to see someone you don’t know. But you can always make the most of this opportunity by introducing yourself.

A self-introduction is as simple as saying, “Hi, we haven’t met. I’m (insert your name here),” as you extend your hand for the common handshake.

Why would you want to meet new people?

If you are a confident social butterfly, you know that meeting new people is like opening a gift. You never know if your new acquaintance will turn into a best friend, a client, or the love of your life. The thrill of surprise is endless, and what it’s really about is FRIENDLINESS!

If you are on the other end of the spectrum, introducing yourself can be a terrific boost to your confidence. Once you come out of your shell, opportunities will greet you at every turn.

Next, increase those opportunities by introducing others. There are only a few rules to remember when doing so, and it won’t be too far out of your comfort zone.

Here is the basic formula for making correct introductions. If the two people you are introducing are . . .

  • Same age range, same gender – it doesn’t matter whose name you say first.
  • Same age range, different gender – the female’s name is spoken first (i.e. “Clarice, this is my coworker, Troy.” “Troy, this is Clarice.”)
  • Different age range – the older person’s name is spoken first (i.e. “Aunt Marilyn, this is my friend, John.” “John, this is my aunt, Marilyn Mims.”)
  • Or if one person is a VIP – the VIP’s name is spoken first (i.e. “Mayor Smith, I’d like to introduce Emma Gold.” “Emma, this is our Mayor, Tita Smith.”)

Make the most of this social summer. Practice introducing yourself and others.

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Published in the Jul/Aug 2014 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review

Written by Candace Smith, Photograph by Aaron Jacoby

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