A Healthier Orange


A Healthier Orange
Chapman University Toyota of Orange 5K Run and Walk

In October, the Chapman University Toyota of Orange 5k Run and Walk makes its annual appearance in our lovely town. Last year, over 1,600 enthusiastic participants flew (note last year’s winner Kenneth Ernst’s 15:22 race finish), dashed, ran, power-walked, strolled and even sauntered through the lovely, tree-lined 3.1 mile course. It was a perfect outdoor day. And if this year’s event follows the tradition of past Chapman 5k, then everyone who laces up their running shoes that morning will have a wonderful time–both literally and actually!

With the Chapman University Toyota of Orange 5k Run and Walk coming up on October 6th, there is still plenty of time to train, even if you’ve never set foot on a race route before.

Anyone who wants to give it a try can follow this simple “Get Ready to 5K” plan. The following twelve-week 5k training schedule is ideal for beginners or racers who have one or two 5ks under their belt and want to improve their time. This schedule is perfectly timed to the Chapman University Toyota of Orange 5k. The plan also includes mile maps of local trails as well as lovely routes through historic Old Towne Orange and a mini-tour of Chapman University’s picturesque campus, designed to keep you motivated as you train. With so many well-groomed, safe trails, streets and running routes within city limits, Orange is the perfect place to train for an outdoor run.

So let’s get started!

A Healthier Orange

Fuel up with the right food

Runners–and walkers too–need the right fuel for their body. Healthy carbs are essential; they provide energy. Beef is high in iron, an important element for runners. For vegetarians, beans and green leafy vegetables are good sources of iron. Chicken is almost pure protein. Fish contains loads of heart-healthy omega-3 fats, which can counteract inflammation.

Pre-Race Meal Idea

Taco Adobe, on Lemon Street in Old Towne Orange, serves healthy Mexican food. Lean beef, chicken, fish and fresh vegetables are staples on their menu–and are a perfect way to fuel up the night before the race (one tip: don’t eat too late! 6:00 pm is a good time) One healthy dish runners may want to try is the Del Pollo Yucatan fajitas with grilled chicken, red and green peppers, served with a side of rice and beans.

Race Morning

On race morning, a banana smeared with peanut butter gives you that unbeatable combo of carbs and protein that will keep you going strong mile after mile.

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Published in the Jul/Aug 2012 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review

Written by Kim Haman

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